Mr Men Books

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Mr Men Characters from the Mr Men Books

The “Mr Men Books” series includes 46 books written by Roger Hargreaves. Roger Hargreaves started writing the books in 1971 yet they remain popular to this day. Each of the “Mr Men Books” tells the story of one of the Mr Men Characters.

On this site you can purchase the Mr Men Books, read about them, watch them and download Mr Men colouring pages and printables.

The following is a list of the Mr Men Books in the order in which they were published:

  1. Mr Tickle
  2. Mr Greedy
  3. Mr Happy
  4. Mr Nosey
  5. Mr Sneeze
  6. Mr Snow
  7. Mr Messy
  8. Mr Topsy-Turvy
  9. Mr Silly
  10. Mr Uppity
  11. Mr Small
  12. Mr Daydream
  13. Mr Forgetful
  14. Mr Jelly
  15. Mr Noisy
  16. Mr Lazy
  17. Mr Funny
  18. Mr Mean
  19. Mr Chatterbox
  20. Mr Fussy
  21. Mr Bounce
  22. Mr Muddle
  23. Mr Dizzy
  24. Mr Impossible
  25. Mr Strong
  26. Mr Grumpy
  27. Mr Clumsy
  28. Mr Quiet
  29. Mr Rush
  30. Mr Worry
  31. Mr Nonsense
  32. Mr Wrong
  33. Mr Skinny
  34. Mr Mischief
  35. Mr Clever
  36. Mr Busy
  37. Mr Slow
  38. Mr Brave
  39. Mr Grumble
  40. Mr Perfect
  41. Mr Cheerful
  42. Mr Cool
  43. Mr Rude

Mr TickleMr. Tickle is the first book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr Tickle has such long legs that he can make himself breakfast without getting out of bed. His extraordinarily long arms make their way to the kitchen all by themselves! Throughout the day Mr Tickle goes around town and tickles people. Be careful because Mr Tickle could be waiting somewhere to tickle you!

Mr GreedyMr. Greedy is the second book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr Greedy was very greedy. One day, he was exploring a gigantic room full of food. Mr Greedy was stealing the food when he was caught by a giant who forced him to eat off the food on the giant’s plate.

Mr HappyMr. Happy is the third book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr Happy is a yellow round shaped character. He is always happy. One day, he met Mr. Miserable who looks just like him but is always miserable. Mr. Happy teaches Mr. Miserable to be happy.

Mr-NoseyMr. Nosey is the fourth book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr. Nosey lived in Tiddletown. He was constantly poking his nose into other people’s business. The people of Tiddletown did not like this one bit and decided to teach Mr. Nosey a lesson. Mr. Nosey changed and become friends with everyone. He stopped poking his nose into other people’s business.

Mr-SneezeMr. Sneeze is the fifth book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr. Sneeze lives in Coldland, where it is always very cold and is near the North Pole. He lives in a small snow-covered cottage in Shivertown, the capital of Coldland. As a result, he always has a cold and red nose. One day he goes for a long walk and finds a solution.

Mr BumpMr. Bump is the sixth book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr Bump is always bumping into things. As a result he is always covered in bandages. He cannot keep a job because he is so accident prone. Eventually, Mr. Bump finds the perfect job. He started working for Mr. Barley the farmer. His job was to walk around Mr. Barley’s apple orchard and bump into the trees. Once he did so all of the apples fell to the ground.

mr men booksMr. Snow is the seventh book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr. Snow was just an ordinary snowman until one particular Christmas Eve when Father Christmas was in trouble. It had snowed so much that he was stuck and could not deliver the presents to the children. He brought Mr. Snow to life in order to help out and deliver presents to the children. Mr. Snow was so happy to help!

Mr MessyMr. Messy is the eighth book in the series of Mr Men Books. Mr. Messy was the messiest person who lived in the messiest house. One day Mr. Neat and Mr. Tidy met Mr. Messy and saw the state of his house. They decided to turn his life around and tidy his house. They tidied and cleaned his house until it looked perfect. They then bathed him and got him to look neat and tidy too.

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